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Website and Booking System Application for Beauty Salon - Dissertation


To develop the website system offering information to customers and enabling them to log in, book appointments, order products and add feedback. This would solve the advertising needs and the competitive environment problems as it would increase the growth of the business, reduce the time and enable availability and accessibility to all customers.

To also develop the booking system application enabling therapists to book and amend appointments, order products for customers and to maintain a stock of products. This would solve the Booking appointments in diaries and product stock problem as it would reduce confusion of double bookings, or cluttered cancellations and reducing concerns from customers.


This website would be available and accessible to all customers, anywhere and at any time. The customer feedback page on the website would be useful to customers and the client, enabling them to review opinions about the treatment, therapists, prices, and other services. This functionality would potentially benefit the growth of business

The ability to order products would be an advantage to business management by improving the efficiency and reliability of the process. The booking system would be useful in enabling customers to book 24/7

The booking system application would save time, avoid double bookings and cluttered diaries. Furthermore, producing the application on a tablet device as opposed to a desktop would be an advantage as salon space is limited.

We are pleased to have a website for our salon, it looks brilliant!

Owner of Beauty One, Salisbury

Resources used

HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript JQuery PHP Wireframe Sketch MySQL Java Android Publisher Visual Paradigm

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