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DEC Admin Web Application - Dynamic Web Development


A student record site is where the administrator looks after all the university courses by checking to see if there is any updating, deleting or searching for a particular course. This includes units, student details and assessment marks from each student in each unit. The plan is to create an outstanding student record site that is secure and can be updated more frequently without using the hard copies of details.

This website is aimed for adults who work in administration for the university to keep records updated about students and units. It also available for lecturers to look at the attendance record and to keep informed with the administrator about lecture change, students attendance and assessment marks.


The database design helps to implement data for the web application. It includes link tables and each relationship has been tested to see if there are any redundant relationships. There has been further development with the web application after the assignment report was completed.

Resources used

HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript JQuery PHP MySQL Publisher Visual Paradigm

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