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A Personal Budget Calculator is where the user can calculate all of the monthly incomes and the outgoings such as insurance and bills together to keep the users informed with their up to date money budgets. A personal budget includes a Monthly income that goes into the user's account, household, regular bills, insurance, transport, child care, financial, leisure and health outgoings coming out of the user's account. The personal budget calculators can be found on financial websites but in order to make it more accessible without the use of the internet, is to create the calculator application on an android device.


This mobile application was developed by Java and XML and was developed in Eclipse with an android emulator.

This application has been aimed for public aged 18 to 65 years that:

  • Have a career
  • Are Students that study at Universities, which means there are loans and they will socialise with new University friends
  • Live in their own house or flat. This means paying their bills, sorting out their own food, clothing and laundry.
  • Drive their own vehicles or get a transport fare.
  • Have children
  • Pay for their health.

Resources used

Java Android Publisher Wireframe

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