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Catalogue System of fireplaces - Programming


Chesney’s Fireplaces was founded over 20 years ago and sell a range of high-quality fireplaces supplied by several leading manufacturers. Some of the manufacturers which the Company buy from include:

  • Churchill Ltd: supplies fireplaces with traditional designs. Chesney’s call this their Heritage Collection.
  • Aspel Ltd: licensed by the John Soane Museum, London to manufacture a range of designs for fireplaces according to original John Soane designs. This is known as the Soane Collection.
  • Jasper Conran: supply Chesney’s with a range of modern fireplaces. Chesney’s call this their Contemporary Collection.


The implantation of this project is through the program called Eclipse. The application is stored into different packages – database and Graphical User Interface (GUI). This is necessary to split up the project to look more professional. The database folder is the folder that directly links the java application with the database used with the application. The classes involved have relations directly to the MYSQL database created.

Resources used

MySQL Java Visual Paradigm

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