Dudsbury Golf Club

Events management booking system - Work Based Project


The project objective was to create a management system written in Java, with this system being connected to a MySQL database used to store data.

The project has two main operations. These are the GUI program at the hotel used for booking events, and the database to store the data of booking and customer details. When booking an event the customer would have to phone, email or go into the hotel itself. The application will enable the staff to record all data electronically.


The implantation of this project is through the program called eclipse. The application is stored in 5 different packages, database, Graphical User Interface (GUI), JTable, res and other. This is necessary to split up the project to look more professional. The database folder is the folder that directly links the java application with the database used with the application. The classes involved have relations directly to the MYSQL database created.

Resources used

MySQL Java Visual Paradigm

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