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The previous content management templates, developed in-house by Thomson Reuters, were beginning to become a problem. Over time, both emails and landing pages within Eloqua had become inconsistent with their branding and design, with no clear regulation or uniformity. RT Brand Communications were asked to find a solution by reducing the number of current templates, updating the brand designs, and reducing the number problems Thomson Reuters were receiving after they created the page.


Eloqua does have limitations when creating landing pages and emails. The templates were created, not just with the latest brand design, but to allow Thomson Reuters to have two options when creating the landing pages and emails.

The first option is to have non-protected and non-mobile responsive version which allows to edit the content, edit the styles and moving the content around. This would be ideal for the long email newsletters.

On the other hand, the second option is to have a protected and mobile responsive version which allows the user to just edit the content. It does not allow the user to mess up or change the styles.

Thomson Reuters were amazed by this, and more departments such as Reuters News are now wanting RT's support to use protected versions.

RT have helped us to stramline the way in which we work, developing templates for our Eloqua EDMs, landing pages and microsites which are creatively consistent, user-friendly and non-technical.

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