Wealthcare Partnership

Creating and update monthly email newsletters


RT Brand Communications have created a fantastic website for its client, The Wealthcare Partnership.

The client wanted an email newsletter to go out every month to users that have signed up for newsletters from the website. They wanted emails that were nicely responsive sticking to the brand guidelines and implementing the email to be editable on Mailchimp.


RT did some investigation towards the email newsletter at the beginning of the project, by using A/B Testing. In order to do this, was to create two email newsletter design options we have been given and sending first email design to one-half of subscribers and the second email to the other half of subscribers. The purpose of A/B testing was to see the results of the number of clicks of both emails. The email with more clicks would be the final email newsletter template for further monthly updates.

Resources used

HTML5 CSS3 MailChimp
RT Brand Communications RT Brand Communications Project

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