My first Shopify Training at Watershed, Bristol

On 5th October, I went to Bristol for a workshop to learn about Shopify. This has given me the advantage to learn about building e-commerce websites.


The Workshop was about building an online store with Shopify and Liquid. Tiffany Tse, who is the Front End Developer Advocate at Shopify, has shared with us practical workflow tips, tricks and techniques that will help modify, develop, and build Shopify themes.

Tiffany demonstrated on:

  • The overview of Liquid, which is Shopify’s templating language
  • Basic theme components
  • How to modify an existing theme or decide what project to build from scratch
  • Tips and tricks for theme developer workflows
  • How to create custom stylesheets, templates and incorporate scripts into a theme
  • Creating theme settings for clients, and how to build and modify sections

Final Outcome

After the workshop, I have learned so much. The support from Tiffany has shown that I have a passion for creating e-commerce websites for important clients. I have kept going with the liquid training and have created my own Shopify dummy website, which can be useful for more training.

Ruth Shepperd

Oct 5, 2017

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